ZMM Features

ZMM can send any message you specify from your hardcopy SYSLOG to any Mattermost channel. 
It will enable you to integrate your Mainframe environment into your Mattermost setup. Imagine having all your ICH408I’s immediately send out to a Mattermost channel that’s monitored by your Security Operations Center…

ZMM can also send custom messages via JCL to any Mattermost instance. You can have your z/OSMF jobstreams easily send a ‘success’ (or ‘failure’) message to a Mattermost channel monitored by your OPS team… Or just inform your users when a maintenance window starts…

SYSLOG messages to Mattermost

Example Started Task JCL


With the ZMM#CNTL control statements as defined in this example JCL all your messages will go to into the channel default-channel with a username of some-cool-name. For this the hook xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is used and thus should match the hook-id (as provided by your Mattermost administrators). The CA for the connection to the Mattermost instance should be available as CERTAUTH, if not specify the keyring keyword to specify the ring the CA is connected to (user/ringname).

Resulting message in security-alerts

Sending Custom Messages to Mattermost

With a single simple step appended to your zOSMF workflows you can send a custom message to any Mattermost channel. This way you can have an instant feedback loop without ever needing to go into zOSMF and/or TSO to look at your jobs output.

The above example JCL will result in a message in your Mattermost channel that looks like the following:

ZMM Pricing

We don’t want to make Mainframe Software Pricing any more complicated than it needs to be. Hence we will not charge based on number of CPU’s, MSU usage, number of LPARS or any other cumbersome method. We do however feel that ‘larger shops’ should be charged more than the smaller ones. That’s why we have a simple 2-tier pricing model depending on the features you require. The prices as listed below are based on a single CPC SI. Should you require extra license keys, for instance for multi-box sysplex configurations, feel free to contact us for a quote fitting the size of your environment.

If you just want to take our software for a test-drive, or if you want to run this software on your ZPDT environment, don’t hesitate to request our FREE version.