Output Archiving System

OAS Features

OAS provides a single point of control for archiving JES2 output and syslog. This solution reduces monitoring costs, ensures JES2 availability, minimizes the risk of being unavailable and archives the desired output to where you want it to be.
OAS currently support these destinations for SPOOl offload:
– FTP Server
– Local USS Filesystem
– Splunk (Currently for SYSLOG data only)

OAS Concepts

OAS archives JES/2 spool output to ‘archives’. An archive consists of a set of spool output files that can be selected based on DEST, FORMS and CLASS. For each of these archives OAS will archive this spool-data to a destination you configure.

Currently OAS support the following destinations:

– FTP Server
– USS Path
– Splunk (for SYSLOG output only)

All output will be stored with identifying carasterictics. For instance take a look at the archive for DEST=OAS, CLASS=O

IBMUSER:/u/ibmuser: >ls -lart /prj/bewaar/oas-things/
total 8880
drwx------   7 OMVSKERN SYS1        8192 May 23 16:13 ..
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       62952 May 23 16:19 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04663.D0000105.SYSPRINT.200523.171934.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        7670 May 23 16:19 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04663.D0000103.SYSPRINT.200523.171934.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       62952 May 24 16:25 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04678.D0000105.SYSPRINT.200524.172551.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        7670 May 24 16:25 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04678.D0000103.SYSPRINT.200524.172551.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       62952 Jun  7 06:34 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04762.D0000105.SYSPRINT.200607.073423.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        7670 Jun  7 06:34 IBMUSER.OAS#0004.JOB04762.D0000103.SYSPRINT.200607.073423.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        5299 Jun 14 16:32 IBMUSER.ZDOMTR.JOB04901.D0000003.JESJCL.200614.173230.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        1474 Jun 14 16:32 IBMUSER.ZDOMTR.JOB04901.D0000002.JESMSGLG.200614.173230.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1      252939 Jun 14 16:32 IBMUSER.ZDOMTR.JOB04901.D0000102.SYSPRINT.200614.173231.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        3406 Jun 14 16:32 IBMUSER.ZDOMTR.JOB04901.D0000004.JESYSMSG.200614.173230.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1      373611 Jul 27 15:55 IBMUSER.TSTOAS.JOB04495.D0000105.SYSPRINT.200727.165516.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        2843 Jul 27 15:55 IBMUSER.TSTOAS.JOB04495.D0000004.JESYSMSG.200727.165516.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        2730 Jul 27 15:55 IBMUSER.TSTOAS.JOB04495.D0000003.JESJCL.200727.165516.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1        4154 Jul 27 15:55 IBMUSER.TSTOAS.JOB04495.D0000002.JESMSGLG.200727.165516.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       20252 Jul 31 16:27 IBMUSER.OASABEND.JOB09326.D0000103.SYSPRINT.200731.172714.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       22730 Jul 31 16:27 IBMUSER.OASABEND.JOB09326.D0000102.SYSADATA.200731.172714.txt
-rw-------   1 OMVSKERN SYS1       27738 Jul 31 16:27 IBMUSER.OASABEND.JOB09326.D0000101.SYSPRINT.200731.172714.txt
Neat files in your USS environment, prepped and ready to be further processed in you toolchain.

For SYSLOG output (not the live hardcopy, but the written syslog as a result of “W L” you can specify a Splunk destination. The output to splunk will then be formatted so you can analyse it with Splunk. (Basically the same as our ZSS product does, the difference being ZSS operates on LIVE data and OAS works with the written syslog…)

OAS Pricing

We are still finalizing our OAS product. Hence you won’t find any prices here. We do however offer you a free trial of the BETA version of our software.